Stonedance 14.-24.06.2024 in Hungary

Wopturas Tunkan Wacipi

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We invite you to be part of our community, support us and dance with us at our stone dance in Hungary.

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Plan 2024:

  • June 14th: Camp Day – Set up the camp together
  • June 15th – 18th: Purification – time of purification and preparation
  • June 19th: Treeday – placing the tree in the middle of the altar
  • June 20th – 23rd: Dance
  • June 24th: day of rest and conclusion – rest, chat, eat, etc.
  • June 25th: rebuild the Camp, clean up


We will live as a community for the time of dance. This means we will learn to live together and to help and support each other. There will be a talking round in the morning. There will be space to clarify questions, plan the day and distribute the tasks in such a way that everyone gets involved actively, but also has time for prayer and rest breaks.


As a helper / guest, you will be able to dance with us in individual rounds in one of the outer stone circles and there will be regular sweat lodges. We ask and expect you to respect the way we conduct our ceremonies.


Kisnyalka tanya is a beautiful seminar house in an absolutely secluded location in the north-west of Hungary. Just over an hour’s drive from the border with Slovakia. The dance will take place in one of the horse pastures.

Overnight stay:

You can spend the night in your own tent or in the seminar house. Please bring everything you need to feel comfortable.


We cook together for everyone centrally in the kitchen of the seminar house. We try to cater to all needs (vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free) as best we can. If you need special food, you should bring it with you.

Contribution / compensation / support:

The contribution includes full meals and use of the infrastructure (camping/sanitary facilities) and participation in the ceremonies (sweat lodges/stone dance).

  • Complete dance 12 days including purification, tree day, dance days, chillout day 300 €
  • For 11-6 days in the camp, €30 per day
  • Complete dance 5 days including tree day, dance days, €200
  • For less than 4 days in the camp, €40 per day
  • If you like it more comfortable, you can stay overnight in the seminar house.
  • Overnight stay in the group bedroom costs… extra
  • Overnight stay in a shared room costs… extra. There are… sleeping places available
  • Overnight stay in a double room costs… extra. There are… sleeping places available

Bed linen and duvet cover are included in the price.

We ask that you make reservations in good time at:

Boglarka Lipták – or +36-70-426 9989

More about the dance and his history

For four days we pray and dance around a sacred tree surrounded by four stone circles to the rhythm of a drum supported by ceremonial songs. We pray and ask for ourselves, our family, our children, the unborn and future generations, that we can live in happiness and health.

The Stone Dance is very similar to the Sun Dance as it occurs in Lakota culture and tradition and at the same time it is something new and unique.

We, the dancers, prepare for the dance throughout the year. In the days before the dance we first set up the camp (camp day) and then have four days of intensive preparation (purification). There is a sweat lodge in the morning and evening. During the day we prepare everything for the days of dance. During the preparation days, more and more people/supporters come to the pitch to help.

Lamentation Stone Dance
On the day before the dance begins, on Tree Day, the sacred tree is placed in the middle of the stone circle. We cut it down in a ceremonial manner, accompanied by prayers, carry it to the arbor so that it does not touch the ground, and place it there again. Decorated with our ties and flags. In the evening, the dancers get their last meal for the next four days and then retreat to the tipis, where they spend the next few days without having any contact with the outside world. So that they spend all their attention in their prayer and in contact with the spiritual world.

During the four days of the dance, the dancers have a sweat lodge for cleansing in the morning and evening. The rounds of dance then begin. We will dance about eight of these rounds every day. The first begins with us witnessing the sunrise in the Arbor. The further dance rounds are spread out throughout the day. In two nights we will also dance two rounds at midnight. We are accompanied and carried by the singers. They sing traditional Lakota Sun Dance songs sitting around a large drum that is our heartbeat.

The “supporters” are invited to dance with us during the dance rounds in one of the outer stone circles, to pray and to support us. They take care of the kitchen, help in the camp, look after the fire that burns throughout the four days and are therefore part of the ceremony. There will also be a sweat lodge for them in the evening.

Stone Dance 2018 In Bocsa / Hungary
Late in the afternoon of the fourth day, when all the prayers have been said and all the rounds have been danced, the dancers leave the Arbor and their self-imposed isolation. After another sweat lodge and some rest time, everyone meets for the subsequent feast.

We call the following day chillout day. Relaxing, recovering and eating well is the order of the day. Maintain social contacts and say thank you before the camp is dismantled the next day and everyone goes home.

The stone dance goes back to the instructions that Tobias Heinrichs and his adopted brother, Lakota medicine man and mentor Godfrey Chipps, received from the spiritual world. They were shown this altar, which consists of several stone circles that are built and connected in a certain way. We have been dancing this stone dance in Germany / Wieckenberg since 2005. Since 2017 there has also been a dance in Hungary near Bosca.