Visionquestcamp 6. – 13. Juni 2024 in Csesznek / Ungarn

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Get Connected – Find your Vision

Find your destination!

The ancient ritual of the vision quest helps you to leave the burdens and stress of everyday life behind you.
In the middle of nature you learn to connect again, to gain access to your soul, to find yourself. Who you truly are beyond all social conditioning.
The nature of your teacher is loving and strong at the same time. Nature is God.
You cannot argue or act with nature.
But you can learn from her and communicate with her.
Then she can heal you and help you find your purpose/life mission. A life of happiness and health.


In the first part of the preparation period, we will give you the necessary knowledge about the meaning, preparation and process of a vision quest. We will help you clarify your own motivation and deal with your expectations. You will then begin your personal preparation such as finding your vision quest spot and setting up your altar. There will be a sweat lodge every day. You should know that we carry out the vision quest in a traditional way. That is, as it has been practiced for generations in the Lakota tribe and in particular in the Chipps family.


We will help you decide whether you want to go on a vision hunt for one, two or three nights. Accordingly, in the evening, after a short sweat lodge, we will take you to your vision quest spot, where you will spend the following nights and the days in between alone without food or drink, but still safe and protected, deep connected thru your prayer. The morning after your last night we will pick you up again and prepare you for the “normal” world again with a short sweat lodge.


It is important to us that you stay in the protected environment of the camp until you go out in public again. We will enable you to arrive there again gently. There is an opportunity to share your experiences with us. You can have questions answered directly by the spirits in a Lowampi ceremony to gain clarity about your experiences. We will end the camp with a Thank you / Wopila sweat lodge.

Near the visionquststots



Leader: Jens Hofmann and Team

Location: Csesznek / Ungarn

Csesznek is located in northwest Hungary, just over an hour’s drive from the border to Slovakia.

Contribution :

Vision quest – we ask for €300 for a vision quest including preparation for two or three nights.

Sweat lodges – we ask supporters and guests during the camp to contribute €25 per sweat lodge.

Accommodation and meals:

For your overnight stay in your own tent, motorhome or caravan and full board, we get €25 per night/day. (For the days you are at camp. Not when you are on the vision quest)


Jens Hofmann (speaking German and English): oder +49-173-4000 484.

Boglarka Lipták‭ speaking Hungay and English) or +36-70-426 9989‬

If you would like to go on a vision quest, please get in touch as soon as possible. Then I will send you a list of the things you need and we can discuss how you can best prepare for it.


Women who are menstruating can attend the classes and instructions during the workshop/camp. Participation in the ceremonies, such as vision quests or sweat lodges, can be rescheduled at a later date.

Conditions of Participation:
Each participant confirms that they are physically and mentally capable of taking part in the respective course. Exceptions due to illness, disability, medical medication, etc. must be communicated in advance. The participant is aware that participation can involve dangers despite safe conditions and assumes full responsibility for this. This also includes risks such as injury, illness, damage or loss of property caused by force majeure. The participant undertakes to follow the instructions of the trainer/leader. Participation in the courses is therefore at your own risk.